A good friend of mine gave me a 486 laptop to play around with. I’ve been hunting these bad boys down to make myself a half decent DOS game machine.

I ended up with a CF-41 from Panasonic A.K.A. The ‘Toughbook’.

Nice little machine, from what I can tell in Windows 95 (Came pre-installed) it has:

Of course, this laptop has issues. It’s battery is dying, CMOS battery needs replacement, Floppy drive needs replacement, Power Supply — you get what I’m saying. It needs a lot of love.

So, first things first! I want to get data in/ out of this thing. But sadly, since the floppy drive isn’t working, I might have to resort to the COM port (Seeing the CD Drivers aren’t installed).

For now, my to-do list:

  1. Get data in/out
  2. Fix CMOS battery
  3. Fix Big Battery
  4. Replace Floppy Drive / Attempt to fix it
  5. Upgrade Ram
  6. CF Hard drive replacement?

Wish me luck!